A Startup Studio.

BIA Lab is a startup studio that aims to teach entrepreneurs how to build revenue-driven startups, increase a startup’s chance of success and optimize its creation and growth. With our infrastructure, online courses and network of entrepreneurs, we aim to empower a network of entrepreneurs with skills and education on how to start and grow a revenue-driven business.


BIA Labs is a startup studio created by Behind It All, a strategic business consulting firm headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Our instructors are Strategic Business Advisors at Behind It All teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow a revenue-driven business and brand. Our online business courses are self-paced courses and hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous courses with a live instructor. Through BIA Labs Advisory Membership services, our Strategic Business Advisors provides counseling, coaching, training, and specialized services for start-up and existing businesses.  


Online Courses & Trainings

We offer an array of online business courses for entrepreneurs teaching students the fundamentals on starting and growing a business.

Strategic Business Advisory Membership

In partnership with Behind It All, we offer Strategic Business Advisory membership plans to entrepreneurs that need ongoing business advice.

Live Events & Workshops

Our live events are for entrepreneurs to network, share experiences and group think with other like minds.

a Startup Studio

~for entrepreneurs & CEOs~

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